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A global approach to urbanism, land innovation and smart government and politics.

PABLO SANCHEZ CHILLON 2015 BWPablo Sánchez Chillón, Lawyer, with Studies of Political Science and Public Affairs, Urban Planner and Innovation Researcher, Pablo is among the pioneers of the Smart Cities paradigm in Spain and Latin America. Regular guest lecturer and conference speaker in international forums on innovation and urban matters, Pablo is co-founder and CEO of Eolexcitylab and Sánchez Chillón Abogados, two Legal /Consultancy teams of urban innovators, helping public and private players to foster innovative urban projects by focusing on Urban Planning, new Government, Diplomacy, Public Affairs and networks of excellence.

Co-founder and Director of the (Reputational) Think Tank Foro Global Territorio: ‘A Land in Motion’, deploying strategical thinking about reputation, brand and identity, Pablo has been Advisor on Policy Making Strategies for forward-thinking institutions and Governments and Consultant for Corporate Diplomacy and Urban Advocacy. In 2016, Pablo has launched #GLOBALGOV, Aula de Gobierno, Relaciones Institucionales y Empresa, an independent forum and observatory around Goverment, Public Leadership & Institutional Relations.

Pablo is Chief Editor of Urban 360º, influential blog about Cities, Government and Influence and has been invited Lecturer at the Master of Advanced Tools for Sustainable Planning Università degli Studi di Sassari, Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo & Pontificia Universidad Católica Puerto Rico.

From May 2017, Pablo has been appointed Academic Director of 3 of the leading executive programs of Communications, Politics and Government ( Master en Comunicación Política y Asuntos Públicos, Especialista Universitario en Comunicación Estratégica y Relaciones Institucionales &l Especialista Universitario en Marketing Territorial y Político, by UMH/IMEP.

In 2016, Pablo has  joined EIC, International School of Communications & Public Affairs (Madrid) and ICEMD- ESIC (Institute for the Digital Economy) (Madrid) as a Faculty member. He is an active member of the Steering Committee of the Smart City Exhibition Bolonia (Italia), Lecturer at the Master on Design of People Centered Smart Cities, (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata) and Advisor of the EU Project UrbanIxD and “My Neighbourhood Project”.

Pablo studied Law & Political Science in Madrid (ICADE) & Rome (Luiss Guido Carli), Post-Graduate Studies in Public Affairs and Public Advocay (PDAP – ICADE/ 2015)  and has completed both Executive Degree Programs  in Govermental & Administration and Urban Planning (FUNDESEM Business School).

Last, but not least, Pablo is guest editor of the International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence and contributes to the Tech Magazine of Le Monde – IBM/ Planète Plus Intelligent, Smart Cities Portugal Magazine and UCLG (The Global Network of Cities, Local & Regional Governments), World Bank City Sense  and El País – Planeta Futuro. He is the founder & manager of the influent Smart Cities LatAm Group in Linkedin, the biggest community of Smart City stakeholders in Latin America.

Pablo Sanchez Chillon SMART TRAVEL DEC 2014In 2012 -2015 Pablo has been invited to give his keynotes and speeches at 5Plus City Forum (Paris),3Rd Low Carbon Earth Summit (Xian-China), Smart City Exhibition – Bologna (Italia), Smart City Expo World Congress – Barcelona, Thinking Capitals CongressElche ,Peripheria Final Conference/ Co-creation in Smart Cities – Forum PA (Roma), TrendSpain – Google España (Madrid), 3rd Low Carbon Earth Summit 2013 (Forum 7- Low Carbon Cities)  Xi’an – China, Smart Cities Summit Chile,  XIV Encuentro Iberoamericano de Ciudades Digitales en Quito, Smart Cities Summit Santiago de Chile –CEPAL/Fundación País Digital, Corredor Digital and PUCPR (Puerto Rico), Vienna Grows Smart Conference 2013, SCE Bologna 2013, City Sense by World Bank 2013 (Barcelona) and Smart City Expo Barcelona 2013, 24 Hours Around the World 2013 (Science Frontieres – Marsella 2013),Tecnología, Big Data y Sociedad – CIBBA (Madrid, Jan. 2014), Modena Digitale (Modena, Feb. 2014) and Human Smart Cities Conference (Lisboa, March 2014), XIV Forum Internacional Turismo Benidorm (Abril 2014), Murcia Smart City Conference (Junio 2014), II Forum Smart City Tarragona (Junio 2014), Live in a Living City Conference Paris (Junio 2014), Green Cities Forum (Málaga, Oct. 2014, International Safe Cities Conference (Madrid, 2014), Smart Travel Congress Portugal (Dec, 2014), Live in a Living City Conference Ed. Santander (Jan. 2015), Sabadell Smart Congress (Feb. 2015), Ovum Smart to Future Cities London (april 2015), Foro Ciudad Aeroportuaria Málaga – Foro ACAP (Marzo 2015), Foro Smart Cities ICEMD- ESIC (Junio 2015), Smart Travel Event Portugal (Dec. 2015), Foro de Abogados de Quito (January 2016), Encuentro Nacional de Cortes Judiciales (Ecuador, January 2016), and others.

He is fluent in Spanish, English & Italian.

The blog: URBAN 360º, the blog curated by Pablo Sánchez Chillón, International Speaker, Urban Planner, Lawyer, Researcher and CEO and Co-founder of Eolexcitylab, Urban Innovation Lab based in Alicante (Spain). Developing the “Smart Cities” paradigm, providing consultancy services and solutions for Public Administrations and companies, on a vision focused on “cityzentrism” or the citizen as the axis of  the Intelligent City. Understanding #DIGIZENS and fostering a brand new Urbanism, mixing real & digital layers of reality.

The blog is an extension of my work, interests and readings.

Pablo Sanchez Chillon CEO Eolexcitylab SpainURBAN 360º es el heterónimo digital de Pablo Sánchez Chillón, Conferenciante Internacional, Abogado Urbanista e Investigador en el ámbito de la innovación territorial, la tecnología y la ciudad, y co-Fundador y Director de EOLEXCITYLAB, laboratorio urbano ‘inteligente’ radicado en Alicante (España)

Si las Smart Cities son un 33% de Visión, 33% de infraestructura y un 33% de comunicación (con un 1% para el azar), trabajamos en el diseño y ejecución de proyectos de actualización urbana y social incorporando el paradigma de las ciudades inteligentes, vertebrando proyectos de innovación territorial desarrollados desde el paradigma de las Smart Cities.  Nos interesan el urbanismo innovador, los espacios híbridos en la ciudad, la identidad digital urbana, el place making, el “civicentrismo” y los #DIGIZENS.

Aplicamos conceptos como la innovación abierta, el crowdsourcing urbano, la hibridación de usos y la materialización territorial de las capas digitales al diseño y planificación de los espacios urbanos híper-conectados, impulsando procesos de reflexión y acciones de desarrollo en el campo de la ordenación territorial  sobre una base tecnológica y ciudadana.

Como laboratorio de ideas estamos abiertos a la colaboración profesional y el intercambio de conocimiento con otros actores de la smart city.

Gracias por seguirnos.

Pablo Sanchez Chillon at Thinking Capitals Congress Elche 2012