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What we can learn about leadership from a constellation of Smart and Global Mayors (INFOGRAPHIC)

logo-1-negroFollowing my investigations and pubblications about the attributes, characterization and goals of Urban Diplomacy and Lobby strategies developed by Cities, I have prepared with the support of GLOBALGOV that juicy Infographic regarding the content, extent and insights of the New Urban Power, in terms of Political Leadership. By underlining the validity of a true global performance of Urban Diplomacy by Cities, I try to explain how the mix of influence, reputation and collective efforts of mayors, advisors, private companies and individuals are pushing for the opening of an international Urban Agenda and a new framework for global governance, in which Cities have a principal role, fostering the performance of a new Urban Leadership.

In a moment in which the World is becoming more open and connected than ever, Cities, traditionally mere followers of the dictates of national governments in terms of foreign affairs, are assuming a dynamic role as proactive actors in the global arena by using Global influence, Lobby techniques and ‘Soft Diplomacy’ tools to gain weight and resonance in the global conversation and decision making scenarios.

Although the states and national actors retain much of the traditional power and resources for shaping the global agenda of governance (budget, armies and political legitimacy), Cities, regardless of their size are working alone or joining new collaborative platforms of influence with their counterparts, linking the domestic agendas of governance with the universal challenges of massive urbanization, sustainability, economic growth and security, opening the door for the reinforcement of an international Urban Agenda and promoting the rise of new international urban-based ‘currencies’ as innovation, reputation, livability, creativity and other valuable intangible assets. Against the rudeness and elite-reserved performance of classical Diplomacy skills, Cities are getting on very well in developing the charms of soft and subtle Diplomacy, a natural field for the exercise of global influence of urban entities and their stakeholders and influencers.

Global Cities (and Smart) mayors can teach us a lot about Leadership and Communications Strategy. Enjoy



By Pablo Sánchez Chillón. Lawyer. Urban Affairs Specialist and Director of GlobalGOV.

Editor of Urban 360º


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